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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Batang Konek Hitam

 kali ni kita layan gambar jew.. zasssss ~~ ;) btg hitam..actually, ni kiriman dari someone.. tak tahu nma dia sape..huhuhu//


Moch fajaryan said...


Anonymous said...

Jom whatsapp 0173742707

lan said...

Sentul kL here 25

Ruffey said...

Fuck.. Sexy giler budak ni. Badan sedap. Klu dia fuck aku, 3, 4 round pun aku layan. Sedap siot.. Klu btg dia besar skit lagi best. Pergh.. Ada ke top camtu? Klu ada email aku.
Aku mmg cari top yg power, klu blh yg lmbt pancut.. Baru power...

Anonymous said...

Call saye tau hahaha 0172360640 saye nak bf hahaha yg straight act

Anonymous said...

Pergh sedap dowh...stim ak

Anonymous said...

Fuck me
Top@bottom..i stay area shah alam/21thn
Call i 0182452164(danish)

Anonymous said...

hitam serabut

Iz said...

Sorry post iklan jap.

Cari sugarmummy/daddy yg baik , x kedekut, caring , penyayang, amik berat dan bertanggung jawab.

call aku

Iz/24/ dr KT - 0147316396
NO TEXTING. kepada yg serius sahaja. thanks

thank you.
Tetapkan masa dan date utk pertemuan :)

gilapalo said...

Saya nk cri abg angkat satu di kelantan ad x...

yuly said...

best nya btg die..
gay sibu,srwk..01115305535..:-)

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